Ben Moss Tells Us What Miami Athletes Look For In A Home

By Alexa Shabinsky | September 13, 2021 | Home & Real Estate People

Ben Moss is one of Miami’s most acclaimed realtors, but Moss’ specialty is different than most. Moss is the National Director of The Sports and Entertainment Division at Compass, with a focus in finding and selling properties for some of Miami’s top professional athletes. With a network of over 600 celebrity and athlete clients, he knows the ins and outs of what high-profile individuals are looking for in a Miami home.


He makes sure his relationship with his clients goes far beyond just finding them their dream home, he emphasizes becoming a resource in both the business and real estate world.

We caught up with Moss to learn all about what Miami athletes look for in a home, from sports courts, proximity to practice and many other exciting details.

What made you want to specialize in the sports and entertainment division of real estate?

It really happened because an opportunity presented itself, not because it is what I wanted to do. I quickly discovered that I could play a part in helping to educate athletes about real estate and so that’s when it clicked for me that this is a way to make a good living and help a segment of the population that can use the guidance.

When finding property for your clients, how does your job differ from that of a "traditional" realtor?

A big part is in dealing with the logistical and confidentiality needs of these clients. I also really want to educate during the process, which is not the case with a “regular” client most often. Also, working with an athlete/celebrity typically means you’ll be interfacing with their assistant, business manager, sports agent, financial advisor and others. It takes a lot of extra effort to make sure all of these parties are in sync and working together with the same goal in mind.

How has the recent real estate boom in Miami affected your scope of work?

I’ve been very fortunate to be doing high-end real estate in Miami. Years of hard work and nurturing relationships has led to me having the two best years in my career. It has been quite a ride so far and I’m bullish on where Miami is headed. We have room for growth if you believe Miami is now becoming a true world-class city.

Is there a specific area or neighborhood most of your clients gravitate towards?

What I love about real estate are actually the relationships I get to build with so many diverse people. As a result, I’m not a specialist in one area, but have learned to cover pretty much all of Miami and Broward counties and I have some of the top sales in many different areas. I get to see migration patterns and have a good sense as to what’s happening in different areas of SoFL. I also handle lots of referrals on behalf of my clients in other parts of the country also and have part of my team in Tampa as well.

Does the location of the athlete’s stadium/arena typically affect where they are looking to purchase?

Yes, for sure. Some want to be in the scene, while others want to purposefully be located in an area that doesn’t tempt them to go out. Ultimately, the athletes get fined if they are late to practice, so they generally need to be within 15-20 minutes of the facility.

Is it common for your athlete clients to want homes that have either sports courts or space for in-house gyms?

Yes, this is very common. Most of my athlete clients that have the space will put in a sports court of some kind or a home gym, or both. Many will turn their 2-3 car garage into a home gym. Others don’t care as much as they go to state-of-the-art training facilities and just work out there.

Is there one feature your clients tend to love in a home?

They are all different, but having a lounge or home theatre room would be up there. They want their man cave or space to relax and unwind. So many are into gaming and so when they are in chill mode, many retreat to the theatre/gaming lounge.

Do you have any standout listings right now?

I have a trophy beachfront property listed in guard-gated Altos Del Mar – the only place in Miami Beach where you can own a house right on the sand. It’s got the nicest rooftop terrace of any house in Miami. I also have a unique country estate in the Redlands that has a huge house, beach volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, huge pavilion for entertaining – and yet it is only minutes from the heart of Miami. Both are pretty spectacular and different.

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