Notable Closed Sales

Property Address



800 S. Pointe Drive, Unit 2201, Miami Beach, FLSeller$25,000,000
100 S Pointe Dr. Unit 3804/5Buyer$14,500,000
544 Lakeview Court, Miami Beach, FLSeller$14,000,000
800 S. Pointe Drive, Unit 1403, Miami Beach, FLBuyer$8,000,000
4020 Kiaora Drive, Coconut Grove, FLSeller$7,500,000
5300 Ascot Terrace, Southwest Ranches, FLSeller$7,500,000
544 Lakeview Court, Miami Beach, FLBuyer$6,900,000
6401 Rodeo Drive, Southwest Ranches, FL-$6,599,000
330 E 57th, NYC, NYBuyer$6,500,000
1410 W 25th Street, Miami Beach, FLBuyer$6,500,000
23 Tahiti Beach Island Road, Coral Gables, FLBuyer$6,050,000
300 S. Pointe Drive, Unit 3105, Miami Beach, FLBuyer, Seller$5,250,000
5900 SW 113th St. Pinecrest, FLBuyer$5,150,000
5510 SW 70 Avenue, Davie, FLBuyer$5,000,000
 10915 SW 62 Avenue, Pinecrest, FLSeller$5,000,000
1410 W 25th Street, Miami Beach, FLSeller$5,000,000
147 S. Longfellow Lane, Mooresville, NC Seller$4,850,000
 3 Sunset Key, Key West, FL Seller$4,650,000
2890 NE 28 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL Seller$4,600,000
1215 N Venetian Way, Miami Beach, FL Seller$4,500,000
34 Pheasant Run Place, Danville, CA Buyer$4,150,000
899 NE 76 Street, Boca Raton, FL Buyer$4,000,000
10915 Southwest 63rd Avenue, Pinecrest, FLSeller$3,450,000
800 S. Pointe Drive, Unit 902, Miami Beach, FL Seller$3,400,000
1455 Ocean Drive, Unit 1201/1201, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$3,875,000
1331 Brickell Bay Drive, PH4601 Seller$3,850,000
6500 SW 98 Street, Pinecrest, FL Seller$3,800,000
17875 Collins Ave., PH4806, Sunny Isles Beach, FL Seller$3,751,500
9440 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL Buyer$3,750,000
6411 SW 98 Street, Pinecrest, FL Seller$3,650,000
2920 Luckie Road, Weston, FL -$3,500,000
 150 S. Hibiscus Drive, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$3,500,000
16730 Berkshire Court, Southwest Ranches, FLBuyer, Seller$3,500,000
4270 Lennox Drive, Coconut Grove, FL Seller$3,425,000
16850 Stratford Court, Southwest Ranches, FL Seller$3,200,000
42 Fiesta Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL Seller$3,175,000
900 Biscayne Blvd, PH6307, Miami, FL Seller$3,150,000
16875 Berkshire Court, Southwest Ranches, FL-$3,100,000
1140 Crescent Way, Ft. Lee, NJ Buyer$3,100,000
400 Alton Road, Unit 2601, Miami Beach, FLBuyer$3,100,000
16225 Bridlewood Circle, Delray Beach, FLBuyer$2,900,000
2863 Lake Ridge Lane, Weston, FL Buyer$2,875,000
500 Lakeview Court, Miami Beach, FL Seller$2,850,000
W South Beach, Unit 730 Buyer$2,800,000
400 Alton Road, Unit 2401, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$2,800,000
1045 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL Seller$2,725,000
8612 Dolce Vita Lane, Odessa, FL Buyer$2,650,000
400 Alton Road, Unit 2401, Miami Beach, FL , Seller Buyer$2,625,000
8320 SW 52 Avenue, Miami, FL Seller$2,500,000
3962 Park Avenue, Miami, FLSeller$2,500,000
2067 N. Laurel Valley Dr, Long Grove, IL Buyer$2,450,000
3406 74 Avenue SE, Mercer Island, WA Seller$2,435,000
1035 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$2,400,000
4184 Ingraham Highway, Coconut Grove, FL Buyer$2,350,000
5959 Collins Avenue, Unit 806, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$2,350,000
17120 Reserve Court, Southwest Ranches, FL-$2,350,000
1251 Mariola Court, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Seller$2,270,000
725 Fifth Avenue, NewYork, New York 10022 Seller$2,223,000
9044 Island Point Road, Charlotte, NC Buyer$2,210,000
321 W Dilido Drive, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$2,200,000
5959 Collins Avenue, Unit 1107, Miami Beach, FL Seller$2,200,000
1250 Ocean Drive, PH-1, Miami Beach, FL Seller$2,200,000
16875 Berkshire Court, Southwest Ranches, FL Buyer$2,130,000
8995 SW 58 Avenue, Pinecrest, FL Seller$2,058,000
3200 Ah We Wa Street, Coconut Grove Seller$1,950,000
260 W 35th Street, Miami Beach, FL Seller$1,912,000
2127 Brickell Avenue, Unit 3402, Miami, FL Buyer$1,900,000
1643 Brickell Avenue, Unit 1605, Miami, FL Seller$1,900,000
848 Brickell Key Drive, Unit 4404, Miami, FL 3313 Seller$1,900,000
900 Biscayne, PH 6307, Miami, FL Buyer$1,900,000
7641 SW 59 Court, South Miami, FL Seller$1,850,000
621 Sweet Bay Avenue, Plantation, FL Buyer$1,850,000
7641 SW 59 Court, South Miami, FL Seller, Buyer$1,805,000
7450 SW 100 Street, Pinecrest, FL Buyer$1,800,000
60 Edgewater Drive, 7C, Coral Gables, FL Seller$1,800,000
420 & 422 NE 2nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK Buyer$1,769,000
3679 Frantz Road, Coconut Grove, FL Buyer$1,760,000
5959 Collins Avenue, Unit 606, Miami Beach, FL Seller$1,750,000
560 Gate Lane, Miami, FL Seller$1,700,000
2120 Lucerne Avenue, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$1,680,000
3151 E Stonebrook Circle, Davie, FL-$1,675,000
1422 Messina Avenue, Coral Gables, FL Seller$1,620,000
2127 Brickell Avenue, Unit 503, Miami, FL Seller$1,615,000
11050 Southwest 25th St, Davie, FL-$1,595,000
7929 SW 63 Terrace, Miami, FL Seller$1,585,000
11375 Canyon Maple Boulevard, Davie, FLSeller$1,580,000
3744 Irvington, Avenue Miami, FL Buyer$1,550,000
260 W 35th Street, Miami Beach, FL Seller$1,550,000
12609 S Stonebrook Circle, Davie, FL Buyer$1,550,000
3101 Bayshore Drive, #2409, Fort Lauderdale, FL Buyer$1,525,000
7265 SW 105 Terrace, Pinecrest, FL  Seller, Buyer$1,500,000
115 4th Dilido Terrace, Miami Beach, FL  Seller, Buyer$1,500,000
3400 SW 27 Avenue, Unit 1502, Coconut Grove, FL Seller$1,500,000
3801 Collins Avenue, PH-2, Miami Beach, FL Seller$1,500,000
111 3rd San Marino Terrace, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$1,450,000
3400 SW 27 Avenue, Unit 1102, Coconut Grove, FL Seller$1,450,000
900 Biscayne Blvd, PH6109, Miami, FL Buyer$1,450,000
3536 Del Mar Avenue, Davie, FL-$1,425,000
1203 NW 121 Avenue, Plantation, FL Buyer, Seller$1,358,333
517 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL Seller$1,350,000
2415 Castilla Isle, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Seller$1,325,000
6960 SW 75 Avenue, Miami, FL Seller$1,300,000
12609 S Stonebrook Circle, Davie, FL Seller$1,255,000
515 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL Seller$1,250,000
9500 SW 77 Avenue, Miami, FL Seller$1,225,000
2415 Castilla Isle, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Buyer$1,210,000
13800 S Fieldbrook Circle, Boca Raton, FL Buyer$1,200,000
3478 Gulfstream Way, Davie, FL Seller$1,200,000
11330 NW 6th Street, Plantation, FL Seller$1,200,000
115 4 Dilido Terrace, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$1,200,000
11382 Redberry Drive, Davie, FL Buyer$1,167,000
12503 Brookwood Court, Davie, FL Buyer$1,150,000
3115 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL Buyer$1,115,000
1331 Brickell Bay Drive, Unit 2709, Miami, FL Seller$1,100,000
743 Jeronimo Drive, Coral Gables Seller$1,095,000
531 W 51 Street, Miami Beach, FL Seller$1,050,000
140 Jefferson Avenue, Unit 14009, Miami Beach, FL Buyer$1,010,000
5900 SW 198 Terrace, Southwest Ranches, FL  Buyer, Seller$1,000,000
520 Brickell Key Drive, ABH23, Miami, FL Seller$1,000,000
2801 East Stonebrook Circle, Davie, FLSeller$975,000
12750 Kapok Lane, Davie, FL-$915,000
1545 Murcia Ave, Coral Gables, FLBuyer, Seller$865,000
15285 SW 84th Ave, Palmetto Bay, FL-$703,500
1140 Lyontree Street, Hollywood, FL Buyer, Seller$447,000

Note that matrix above does not include over $150,000,000 in closed sales
in which I represented the sellers of 3 office condominium projects
and 1 condo-hotel project in South Florida.