Electromagnetic Exposure


If you’re like me, I’m in front of a computer screen, iPad or phone most of every working day. I’ve got wi-fi in my house, as well as audio-visual components. Most of us live near a power line and use our microwaves (although I haven’t used mine in years.)

According to the April 2014 issue of Natural Awakenings, experts are beginning to think these surrounding frequencies could cause a danger to our well-being. One should pay particular attention to the electromagnetic exposure in the bedroom, given the amount of time we spend resting and relaxing there. Something as simple as placing your alarm clock on a dresser instead of your nightstand could help you get a full night’s sleep.

While escaping electromagnetic filed (EMF) activity is virtually impossible in this digital age, small actions can lead to large health improvements in your daily indoor environments. I recently relocated all of my home’s audio-visual components from my office closet into a hall closet to remove radiation from my workspace (not to mention a large amount of heat that those devices were emitting.) Here are some useful tips that I’ve aggregated to keep levels of radiation lower around you every day.


  • Don’t use Wi-Fi.

  • Keep your laptop powered through a three-prong grounded plug and use a hardwired keyboard.

  • Don’t place laptops or tablets on your lap.


  • Don’t use cordless phones.

  • Use the speaker-phone function or a hands-free device when using your cell phone.

  • Pay attention to your cell phone signal – it emits more radiation when the signal is weak or blocked.


  • Avoid living within 1,500 feet of a cell tower.

  • Use battery-powered LCD alarm clocks instead of LED ones.

  • Turn off wireless devices at bedtime and use minimally during the day.